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CLT press systems

Our “platoPRESS” press system for the production of cross laminated timber was developed for the production of medium- to large-sized elements and is designed for pressing pre-glued single-ply panels.


The use of pre-glued single-ply panels offers the following advantages. You get:



In addition, the handling of panels is much more reliable and requires less effort than the handling of individual lamellas. Technically demanding lateral pressure technology in the press is not required as the panels are precisely aligned upstream of the press.


With our press system, CLT elements with cut-outs for windows and doors, with fully closed surfaces, even elements of different sizes can be pressed.


The press is, just as our glulam presses, fed and emptied simultaneously, so that the press cycle time can be reduced to a minimum.


Press fill width 0,625 – 3,5 m
Press fill height 20 – 400 mm
Press length 6 – 18 m
Pressing pressure, top 0,6 – 2 N/mm², depending on the type of press
Pressure elements pneumatic or hydraulic