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Automatic stick laying

The automated laying of the sticks or strips between the layers of a stack relieves the operating staff and increases the capacity of the stack system significantly. The sticks are kept in magazines and automatically placed on the top board layer. It can be freely chosen, after how many board layers strips are to be placed (after each layer; after every second/third/fourth … layer).


Our strip magazines can be carried out either with one slot for a single strip dimension, or with two slots for different strip dimensions. So the sticks for drying and for shipping to the customer can be placed automatically with a single magazine. Stick magazines are usually filled manually, but we also supply automatic stick feeders to feed the sticks automatically to the respective placement position.


The positions of stick magazines are freely adjustable; optionally, length adjustment can also be done via an electric motor, so that the positions for stick laying with changing lengths of timber are automatically approached.