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Our trimmers re used, on the one hand, to accurately cut the goods to defined multiple lengths and, on the other hand, to precisely cut out imperfections in the wood, such as rotten spots or wane. Defects can be cut out within a defined grid. For this purpose, the saws that are not required are enabled or disabled by swiveling them up or down, or by automatically moving the individual board relative to the stationary saws.


The position, in which a piece of timber must be cut, can be determined by the operator at the grading/sorting station. Of course, it is also possible to integrate board profile measurement and optimization technology that automatically passes on the corresponding data to the trimmer.


Optionally, the individual units of a trimmer can be constructed with adjustable length so that the cutting grid can be selected flexibly.


The timber parts cut by the trimmer are either conveyed further lying next to each other to a stacker, or aligned to a reference line and passed on to a subsequent automated processing step.


Technical specifications

  • Capacity: depending on the wood width and thickness up to 80 pieces/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 mm
  • Grid: 300 or 500 mm, customized lengths on request