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Slat bundling and packeting systems

Our slat bundling and packeting systems allow you to efficiently combine individual slats to bundles, automatically strap and cut the bundles, and then stack them to form packages with only one operator.


To do so, the operator puts the slats conveyed to his position into a star-shaped bundling wheel. Once the desired size of the bundle is reached, the wheel passes the bundle on to a roller conveyor which automatically transports the goods through a strapping unit and a cross-cut saw. Meanwhile, the operator can already start to put the slats for the next bundle into the bundling wheel.


Following strapping and cutting, the bundle is automatically pushed onto the packet stacking unit.


Our slat bundling and packeting systems are also available as mobile versions, so that, e.g., in an existing length sorting line, the unit can be moved to various collection positions.

Technical specifications

  • Output: with a bundle cross section of 150 x 150 mm, it is possible to form up to 3 bundles/min (depending on the feeding speed and timber quality).